How to get into xfce/gtk development?

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Fri Jan 4 07:54:36 CET 2013

On 13-01-03 03:22 PM, Roland Pinto wrote:
> Hi,
> I just started learning C on my own (using a book called C
> programming: A modern approach)and will be learning it at university
> this semester. I want to get into gtk development. More specifically
> help out with Xfce. I have to say it feels a little overwhelming to
> get into all of that C code with all the glib,gobject,dbus,gtk stuff.
> So, I would like  to know what would be best way learn all of this?
> How did you guys pick this up? Any tips and things I should know
> about?

Get K&R[1] and read it a few times (it's short).

If you already know another language like C# or Java, you might also 
want to write some code in Vala[2] and study the C output that the 
compiler generates. That'll give you some insight into how all the 
complicated GLib/GObject type/object system stuff in C maps to the real 
code you mean to write.

Happy hacking,
Matthew Brush


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