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Tue Aug 6 18:25:05 CEST 2013

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Natanael Copa <ncopa at alpinelinux.org> wrote:
> I tested a toggle button. It just looks ugly :)
> Since you cannot disable it once its enabled, I set the sensitivity to
> false, so it gets 'greyed out'. So you'll instantly notice that
> something happened when you checked it.
Looks nice! I would only suggest to add a counter showing off the
discoverable timeout progress. It would like this:
[greyed out] [x] Discoverable (#)

with # taking values from 10 to 0.


> I'll be happy to do it differently if someone gives me a nice looking
> glade mockup.
> New screenshot:
> http://i.imgur.com/xNwGq7F.png
> (note that i changed 'Powered' to 'Enable this adapter')
> I added a combobox at top where its supposed to be possible to select
> which bluetooth adapter you want configure.
> The device remove operation is working (but I have to make it update the
> treeview before i push that change to git)
> I have for now added checkboxes in the device list for the boolean
> properties 'connected', 'paired', 'trusted', 'blocked'. The plan is:
>   - paired column is removed and the list will only contain paired
>     devices. For a list of unpaired, press 'add' button. The list
>     should in anycase be filtered to only show the devices which is
>     attached via the selected adapter.
>   - 'connected' column gets a stock yes/no icon instead of checkbutton.
>   - 'trusted' gets some other icon.
>   - in front of the device alias, there should be an icon of what type
>     it is. (eg a cellphone, a keyboard etc).
> Somewhere i will have to add widgets for 'pairable' (a checkbutton?)
> and a 'pariable timeout' (spinbox?)
> One idea is to have tabs under the adapter combobox:
>   - General (powered, discoverble, discoverable timeout, pairable,
>     pairable timeout)
>   - Devices. This tab has the list of devices attached to the selected
>     adapter. And buttons for add/remove/properties/block?
>   - Blocked divices. A list with devices that are blocked. A button to
>     'unblock'.
> Other ideas is very welcome.
> I would actually appreciate if someone else (maybe a non-coder but UI
> specialist) did the user interface in glade, the dialogs etc and I
> could focus on the bluez dbus glue.
> -nc
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