Natanael Copa ncopa at alpinelinux.org
Tue Aug 6 11:50:14 CEST 2013

On Tue, 06 Aug 2013 00:05:59 +0200
Angel <angel at xfce.16bits.net> wrote:

> Liviu Andronic wrote:
> > Another way would be to present the user with a 'toggle
> > button': hitting on it first would make device 'Discoverable' and
> > switch the label to 'Cancel discoverable mode' that when clicked would
> > hide the device again.
> A toggle button (not necessarily as expressed above, it could also be a
> button with pressed/unpressed status) is IMHO a better interface than
> checkbox for states changing on-the-fly.
> With a checkbox I would be wondering if I needed to press an “Apply”
> button to actually make the change.

I tested a toggle button. It just looks ugly :)

Since you cannot disable it once its enabled, I set the sensitivity to
false, so it gets 'greyed out'. So you'll instantly notice that
something happened when you checked it.

I'll be happy to do it differently if someone gives me a nice looking
glade mockup.

New screenshot:

(note that i changed 'Powered' to 'Enable this adapter')

I added a combobox at top where its supposed to be possible to select
which bluetooth adapter you want configure.

The device remove operation is working (but I have to make it update the
treeview before i push that change to git)

I have for now added checkboxes in the device list for the boolean
properties 'connected', 'paired', 'trusted', 'blocked'. The plan is:

  - paired column is removed and the list will only contain paired
    devices. For a list of unpaired, press 'add' button. The list
    should in anycase be filtered to only show the devices which is
    attached via the selected adapter.

  - 'connected' column gets a stock yes/no icon instead of checkbutton.

  - 'trusted' gets some other icon.

  - in front of the device alias, there should be an icon of what type
    it is. (eg a cellphone, a keyboard etc).

Somewhere i will have to add widgets for 'pairable' (a checkbutton?)
and a 'pariable timeout' (spinbox?)

One idea is to have tabs under the adapter combobox:
  - General (powered, discoverble, discoverable timeout, pairable,
    pairable timeout)
  - Devices. This tab has the list of devices attached to the selected
    adapter. And buttons for add/remove/properties/block?
  - Blocked divices. A list with devices that are blocked. A button to

Other ideas is very welcome.

I would actually appreciate if someone else (maybe a non-coder but UI
specialist) did the user interface in glade, the dialogs etc and I
could focus on the bluez dbus glue.


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