Testers needed for xfce4-notifyd

Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Sun Apr 21 12:19:01 CEST 2013

Jérôme Guelfucci <jeromeg at xfce.org> on Sun, 2013/04/14 16:18:
> Hi guys,
> I'm planning to release xfce4-notifyd 0.2.3 next week and would 
> appreciate if you could test whether it builds / runs correctly.

Ok, I have one more culprit, though I am not sure what causes the problem. I
have a C program that calls the following within a while loop:

if (notification == NULL)
  notification = notify_notification_new([...]);
  notify_notification_update(notification, [...]);

notify_notification_set_timeout(notification, 10000);
notify_notification_show(notification, &error); 

The notification is shown and the notification is updated correctly. But if I
update the notification a second before the timeout ends the updated
notification is shown for a second only.

I would like the updated notification to be visible for time complete time
specified in timeout. How to achieve the? Do I have to close the
notification before updating and showing? Or should xfce4-notifyd reset the
timeout when the notification is updated? 
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