Patch Submission Guidelines

Marr wm33 at
Fri Oct 26 23:55:04 CEST 2012

Greetings, all....

I'm planning to submit a patch in the near future and have been poring over 
various Xfce web pages, Wiki pages, forum posts, etc. Unfortunately, I've been 
unable to find anything with a set of "patch submission guidelines" or anything 

Am I just missing something? If not, is there a preferred method / format 
(e.g. "diff -uNr") for patch submission? Should I just open a bug report on 
Bugzilla and attach the patch?

What concerns me about just submitting it to Bugzilla is that I see a patch 
like this one by Mike Massonnet, submitted 2.5 years ago:

It looks like a useful, straightforward patch to me but I see that it was 
never implemented. The bug was never closed and testing in 4.10 shows that it 
never got added. I'd like to avoid that situation, if at all possible.  ;^)

Any guidance is appreciated.  Thanks!

Bill Marr

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