Remove binding for blinking buttons, no UI for this.

Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer mchouque at
Sat Oct 20 13:51:59 CEST 2012

	Hello Nick,

It seems with commit 46042c48 (Tasklist: Remove binding for blinking
buttons, no UI for this.), you removed a binding for which I had created
a UI button for it (you merge half my patch with commit e3e50718):

So my question is, what do I have to do to have it merged again?

(Copy-and-pasted here so it won't apply cleanly)
t a/plugins/tasklist/ b/plugins/tasklist/
index db6db74..e6583d8 100644
--- a/plugins/tasklist/
+++ b/plugins/tasklist/
@@ -293,6 +293,19 @@
                             <property name="position">1</property>
+                        <child>
+                          <object class="GtkCheckButton" id="include-all-blinking">
+                            <property name="label" translatable="yes">Show all _blinking windows</property>
+                            <property name="visible">True</property>
+                            <property name="can_focus">True</property>
+                            <property name="receives_default">False</property>
+                            <property name="use_underline">True</property>
+                            <property name="draw_indicator">True</property>
+                          </object>
+                          <packing>
+                            <property name="position">0</property>
+                          </packing>
+                        </child>


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