Display Dialog: Call for Testing

André Miranda andreldm1989 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 00:38:18 CEST 2012

I've cloned the xfce4-settings project, changed to branch 
bluesabre/display-settings and compiled, exactly as:
git clone git://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings
cd xfce4-settings
git checkout -b displaytest origin/bluesabre/display-settings
sudo make install

My Settings Manager is now broken it doesn't display anything but the 
Also after Restart the GTK appearance is ugly like win98...

PS: I've cloned, compiled and installed the most recent core projects 
from the repo.

What could it be?

Best regards,
André Miranda

On 10/16/12 15:05, samuel wrote:
> pulled in changes of today:
> screenshot on (1)
> remarks:
> 1. the below and above are fixed, but i have 2 times left-of. which is
> not very informative (so SAMSUNG 17 is left of DisplayPort-1 and ENC
> 24 is also left of DisplayPort-1)
> 2. SAMUNG 17 and ENC 24 are incorrectly labeled.
> 3. the 'Display indicator' on DisplayPort-1 is in the middle of the
> screen (inconvenient but not deadly.)
> gr,S.

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