Suggestion: Touchpad Options

Philipp Matthias Schäfer philipp.schaefer at
Wed Nov 28 14:27:31 CET 2012

Dear everyone,

I just started using XFCE and have the following suggestions for the 
settings dialog for touchpads (using synaptics drivers). As can be seen 
in the current source and is explained at

on the web page, the option "Disable touchpad while typing" sets up 
syndaemon with '-i 2.0 -K -R'.

My two suggestions are as follows:

* Provide a slider for the number after -i. Two seconds is quite long 
and I would really like to be able to change it.
* Having -K (see below for a man page quote) enabled defeats the purpose 
of the option when using emacs. I do realise that for using certain 
graphics programmes this option is really useful, an option letting me 
choose would be really helpful.

I'd be glad to try my hands on a patch, if you approve of the idea.



 From the syndaemon manpage

        -k     Ignore modifier keys when monitoring keyboard activity.

        -K     Like -k but also ignore Modifier+Key combos

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