XFWM: Hide titlebar when maximized

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 18:00:18 CET 2012


Well, anyways, opening a new bug and posting the patch there is the
only way to move forward. Hard to discuss the quality of a patch
without seeing it. From the description in the original post, it looks
like a quick hack and not suitable for inclusion upstream.

As for adding new options, I understand that most user fail to
understand why adding new options is a bad things, generally speaking.

But what may seem at first thought as a simple, tiny change can
quickly turn into a maintenance burden. And that burden is for me,
getting worse as time is always an issue.

The more options, the more code paths, and the less manageable the code becomes.

Users come and go, the core remains, and then it's up to me (as a
maintainer) to deal with it. So unless you come up and sign for a
lifetime agreement to maintain your proposed patches for any
forseeable future, I reserve the right to decide what's goes in and
what's not.

As a general comment, if xfce/xfwm4 is not for you, well, sorry, I
appreciate your comments but I don't have time or inclination to
accept all patches and implement all features people may think of. One
of the Xfc ecore goals is to keep things simple, a difficult balance
between useful features and bloat...

But again, back to the topic, hard to discuss without seeing the
patch. At first sight, it looks like maximization without borders, ie
a lesser fullscreen of some sort. So please, first convince me that
fullscreen is not what you want, prove me that an undecorated window
can be unmaximized easily, that it works with all different types of
windows, show me that it works with all possible existing options
(maximization already has a decoration option, it should work in both
case), then maybe, just maybe I'll consider the feature, assuming the
code is correct.

 All this belongs to bugzilla, as I said already.

Thank for listening,

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