XFWM: Hide titlebar when maximized

Marr wm33 at att.net
Tue Nov 13 21:36:46 CET 2012

On Tuesday 13 November 2012 08:22:49 ism.a at inode.at wrote:
> This leads to a hidden title bar when a window is maximized.

This sounds like a useful option to me, especially given the trend toward 16:9 
monitors, which often reduces the available vertical space/resolution.

On Tuesday 13 November 2012 09:59:53 Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Quite frankly, no, I am not in favor of this knowing that there are
> already 3rd party apps for this purpose

Olivier, I very much appreciate your candor, but I respectfully disagree.

> But you can send it to bugzilla, so that the patch is kept if someone
> else wants it, it's juts that I don't think it's suitable upstream.

This is troubling to me. I don't see much harm in adding a few options to the 
"Window Manager Tweaks" dialog/settings. In fact, quite recently I created a 
patch to add a different option to that very dialog. I posted on this mailing 
list over 2 weeks ago asking for patch submission guidelines but got no reply. 
Now I'm concerned that I've only wasted my time, trying to add some 
configurability to the window manager. (In reality, I've been running Xfce 4.6 
for over 2 years with my tweak hard-coded but thought I'd finally make it 
available as a GUI option for others to benefit from, now that I've got a 4.10 
Xfce install to work with.)

Having said that, I understand that Xfce is not under my control in any way, 
and I respect and appreciate people who are forthright, even in their 
rejection. And I especially thank all those who have contributed to Xfce.

I just really wish that Xfce was more welcoming of folks with alternate needs, 
especially those who are willing to invest the effort to provide a patch. In my 
case, switching from KDE 3.x to Xfce, if I had not been able to alter the Xfwm 
code to allow focus retention when a window is lowered (Z-order), it would 
have meant abandoning Xfce/Xfwm for something else -- i.e. it's truly a "show-
stopper" issue for me.

Bill Marr

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