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Wed May 30 15:21:02 CEST 2012

Le 30 mai 2012 12:18, "Harald Judt" <h.judt at> a écrit :
> Hi,
> Do any of these plugins need a maintainer? Since I'm already in the
process of writing patches for most of them and got some experience with
their inner workings, I'd volunteer to have some fun and do the job.
> cpugraph (6 open bugs)
> date-time (16 open bugs)
> time-out (6 open bugs)
> timer
> weather (26 open bugs)
> wavelan

I'm already taking care of/applying patches for cpugraph, time-out and
wavelan, but i'll probably stop doing that when my WIP 'generic' monitor
plugin can 'supersede' wavelan and cpugraph. You can take maintainership of
time-out if you want.

> Or maybe there are any plugins except the ones I listed that would need a

>From memory, any plugin that still depends on libxfcegui4 or has lots of
bugs open without comments/reply from previous dev since a while needs a
new maintainer.

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