Panel plugins HIG

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Mon May 28 19:48:22 CEST 2012


it can be useful to list the plugins that are used to monitor values
(with or without a dummy progress bar).

Than it is possible to know where to work on and compare existing
code. It shouldn't be too complicated to list two values:
- size of a progress bar
- padding around the progress bar

Ideal would be a padding that is dynamic; if you have a small panel
you want small padding, if you have a large panel you want larger
padding. Such values should not be requested through DBus... but it is
possible to define "default" values directly in Xfconf. (Not talking
about additional signals to listen to.) Note that most plugins don't
even use Xfconf and are therefore completely DBus-free.

However it might be best to define good convenience values and reuse
them directly in the code, having these kind of options is overdone.

A default of 8px for the progress bar, with 4px padding (8px / 2) is
what is most common to existing panel plugins. I suggest a padding of
2px is preferred.


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