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On 05/07/2012 01:34 PM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
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>>> Am Montag, den 07.05.2012, 08:51 +0200 schrieb Landry Breuil:
>>>> Same thing can be said the other way round ;) systemd will _never_
>>>> work on some systems,
>>> such as?
>>>> so we''ll have to keep it optional too. Probably making a
>>>> (mandatory ?) configure option selecting one of both (or none,
>>>> since there's the sudo fallback) would make sense.
>>> +1
>> Systemd seems to become default for (mostly) all big mainstream
>> distributions. The goal is systemd, no matter. I don't think that a
>> configuration option is needed. If there's no systemd on the target
>> system, xfce4-session should fall back to sudo (or better gksu or
>> such), automatically.
> That's wrong. Ubuntu are sticking to upstart for instance [1]. I am not
> sure about Ubuntu derivatives but they might as well. 

Let me assure you, we're sticking with what Ubuntu ships, unless there
is serious issues with it along with Xfce, which is when you would be
switching as well.

Why I'm telling this is that I'm relatively sure this is the same with
most other derivatives too (no workforce to do stuff like this). Also,
if it affects your choice to stick with something or not, here's at
least one distribution with upstart.

> And then there's
> alternative OSes like the BSDs who simply don't have systemd because
> is Linux only. For all those systems you don't just want the sudo
> fallback. 
> If we can and if it's not too messy, we should allow systemd OR
> consolekit etc. OR sudo.
>   - Jannis
> [1] http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1121
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