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> On 05/04/2012 05:34 AM, Harald Judt wrote:
> >> If people want so much a menu editor, then it's a perfect project
> >> for someone who wants to contribute on a new project, apparently
> >> it'll make lots of users happy.
> >>
> >> Landry
> >
> > I agree. Maybe someone volunteers to start such a project.


The main here is: Should that (new) editor look and behave like the
well known Alacarte? Or should we define something completely new?

> I might have a go at it one of these days, but it would be in Python 
> since that's the only programming language I even approach fluent in.
> If someone else wants to do this, don't let the fact I *might* be
> able to kludge a menu editor together stop you, or even slow you down.
> >
> > Harald
> >
> -Matt

We need to port Alacarte from gnome-menus2 (python library) to garcon
(C library). But it's not easy, as far as I understand the source.

I have hacked a patch for PyXfce to get it building with Xfce 4.10, you
can find it in Bugzilla with the search word "garcon". Maybe it needs
some tweaking to make all required functions well working with the
Python/C API.

Further, I don't know how good/far garcon is developed to replace the
gnome-menus2 backend in Alacarte. Probably, we have to do it from
scratch. At least, the UI of Alacarte (one single Glade file) could be

I don't think that's a good idea to wait till Gnome fixes Alacarte.
IMHO, they wouldn't for special Xfce issues for understandable reasons.

Summary: It smells like it's time for another fork.

- Raphael

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