Menu Editor

Raphael Groner raphgro at
Sat May 5 20:47:41 CEST 2012


this mail goes to both, developers and users of Xfce.

I am still interested in that thing with a featured and working menu
editor for Xfce (or maybe not bound to a specific DE at all, this
probably depends on the libraries being used).

Alacarte is rudimentally supported by the applicationsmenu internel
plugin of xfce4-panel. But Alacarte brings a lot of problems that can't
be fixed on Xfce's site, as so far I understand the ongoing discussion.
I won't list those well known issues here cause we have had this
discussion again and again. Similiar discussion have been there around
about other half-dead projects for an usable menu editor.

Better let us look forward and more optimistically. My proposal would
be to start a collection of wished features for a new Menu editor that
can be nicely integrated into the Xfce philosophy.

Can we take that point of a Xfce Menu Editor as a goal for Xfce 4.12? I
appreciate any ideas about features for that new project. First, we
need a good name. All other wishes are welcome as well. :)

Best regards,

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