Xfce 4.10 updated roadmap and release dates

Nick Schermer nick at xfce.org
Tue Mar 6 13:45:14 CET 2012

Hi everyone,

I've just updated the 4.10 release roadmap with the following dates:

2012-04-01 	Xfce 4.10pre1 (Feature Freeze)
2012-04-14 	Xfce 4.10pre2 (String Freeze)
2012-04-28 	Xfce 4.10(pre3) or final release.


Because the current state of master is quite good, I don't expect too 
many problems during the release, so I keep the option open to skip pre3 
and make the final release on April 28.

The only feature / cleanup I want to land before pre1 is the 
xfce4-power-manager + xfce4-session cleanup. Everything else is pretty 
much in shape as we want it to be.
I'm not sure what the plans are with the Xfwm4 dialog shuffling and 
Thunar, but I guess it will either not be in 4.10 or be prepared in a 
branch for review.

For translations, correct me if I'm wrong, I doubt we need a lot of 
time, because the state of master is already impressive.


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