systemd user session integration

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sat Jun 30 13:12:08 CEST 2012

Hi Auke,

On Fri, 29 Jun 2012 22:39:32 -0700
Auke Kok <auke at> wrote:

> What I'd like to see/create:
> - a comprehensive non-xfce4 session based way of starting most xfce4 
> components through separate systemd unit files without xfce4-session 
> starting them for us.

In this scenario, how can we preserve the concept of user-configurable

Obviously, our implementation of the autostart spec would still work
because it is independent of systemd. However, disabling/enabling core
components in the session would probably require users to
disable/enable units. Wouldn't that have a global (not just per-user)
effect or does systemd allow users to override the globally installed
unit files in $HOME?

Also, still assuming that enabling/disabling units would be
necessary, how complicated would it be to control access to methods like
DisableUnitFiles() through D-Bus policies?

> - socket activation for services that are socket-based (?)

I don't think we have any socket-based services in Xfce.

> - dbus activation for services that are dbus based (xfconfd)

Most of our services should already install a .service file for D-Bus

> - sd-notify() usage for each of the daemons to signal when they are 
> "ready-for-service"

> - xfce4-session can stay but should not start things like Thunar 
> --daemon, xfdesktop etc. under a systemd --user session

Yes, I guess this would be an almost trivial change; simply get rid of
the code that starts the Xfce core components or the components
saved as part of the last session.

xfce4-session would still be required for the save-yourself shutdown
sequence plus autostarting of user-configurable apps/commands.

> - logind integration in systemd.

I've not looked into logind yet really, can you explain your thoughts
on this in a bit more detail?

> Anyone interested in working with me in figuring out the bits needed
> to improve this part?

Interested yes, but not sure I can or want to commit to anything at the
moment. Also, I will be on vacation the next two weeks and am generally
pretty busy. Anyone else?


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