Proposal for MIME type editor

Thomas Schuetz xfce at
Sat Jan 28 16:11:44 CET 2012


I am one of the german translators and just compiled and translated the
MIME type editor. I found the string for resetting the MIME type to
system standard but I was really getting mad finding it in the

There are 3 columns, "MIME Type", "Status" and "Default Application".
I found it, you have to LEFT click on the default application in the
row with the MIME type! But I really found it by accident, so I would
like to propose a better handling:

Normally you do a RIGHT click to open a context menu, so I would
prefere a RIGHT click instead of a LEFT one.

You can't see that the "Default Application" is a button, so in my
opinion it would be better, if you could use the whole row
instead of the single column for clicking.

Short: You should activate the contextmenu by rightclicking on the
whole row.

By the way, really nice app, lean and does its job. I often read about
people looking for such a tool, thanks for it!


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