[xfconf] Implementing Schema's / using GSettings

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 14:05:21 CET 2012

My opinion:

I don't see any advantages in integration schemes in the settings
backend of xfconf, or the daemon.

If packages provide some sort of xml format to 'describe' the channel
is fine, we can even add some new api to libxfconf to 'work' with the
schemes (separate from XfconfChannel) (GType xfconf_scheme_get_type
(XfconfChannel *, const gchar *property) and gboolean
xfconf_scheme_get_int_range (XfconfChannel *, const gchar *property,
gint *max, gint *min), things like that). But checking the props set
by xfconf_channel_set_* against the scheme is a bad idea imho.
Then at least packages like the settings editor and the profile
manager [which is a strange name], can provide a better (and complete)
interface to the user, final check for the received data belong the
module imho (use GParamSpec's ^_^).

Regarding porting: I don't see any real advantages of using dconf
maybe there are small ones, but developers can mostly work around
those: users on the other hand always have problems with setting
migrations, so the message is: never do this until it is !!_really_!!


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