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Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Mon Jan 9 10:19:28 CET 2012


As some of you have noticed the documentation wiki is online
(docs.xfce.rog) and we've started to add the first pages and connect
the help buttons to the correct page in the wiki (function for that
has been added in the libxfce4ui 4.9.0 release).

I've removed all the *-doc from and if the
manual moved to the wiki I've removed the docbook manual + images from
master too.

Now I understand translators want to start working on this (and
technically the wiki is read for that), but maybe it is wise to work
with a bunch of people on the English versions first. This includes
copying the relevant text from the docbook manuals to the wiki, or
write them for the components that don't have docs yet
When all the existing manuals have moved, I'll start to accept
translators. I'm not in a read hurry with this since there are no
packaging/release deadlines here.

So if people want to volunteer and help with moving manuals to the
wiki or write non-existing documentation, please let me know.


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