ps_mem script

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Fri Sep 23 09:18:46 CEST 2011


I see quite often people asking for the memory usage of xfce (or other
apps for that matter), but it's never easy to compute the amount of
RAM used per program because quite a lot of memory is shared...

Probably widely known by most, but I did not know it, that script
(python) can help with this:

I ran that script on my laptop:

  1st run RAM used =  1.2 GiB

Not surprisingly, Thunderbird and Firefox rank the highest among the
apps which use a lot of memory, so I close both.

  2nd run, RAM used = 254.3 MiB

That's quite astonishing, innit?

There's still la couple of Python script which consume their fair
amount of RAM, I kill them.

  3rd run, RAM used = 196.2 MiB

Enjoy! :)


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