Quick filter feature for xfdesktop --windowlist (mouse middle button)

Leandro Cassa leandro.cassa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 01:59:14 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,
I've been thinking about a new feature where you could more easly find a
open window or the desired desktop to get focus.

I contantly use a key shortcut for xfdesktop --windowlist (if you dont know
what Im talking about just run this comand on a terminal or with F2, be sure
you have some windows opened), and it is very useful, but having a quick
filter, like eclipse does for most of its text fields or like Thunar does
when you start typing, would surely enhance user experience.
Im not proposing replace anything, just give the ability to start typing
(therefore filtering) what window you are looking for, instead of having to
use arrows or the mouse to select what you want.

I would dare dig where/how to make this code change. Im a developer, but I
dont have a lot of C++ experience, I dont actually think this is a
problem... But it will take me more time then it would for you guys.

So, any comments? Ideas?
Tips where I could start looking at the code? Im totally newbie on Xfce
code, so any directions are welcome

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