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Sun Oct 16 11:33:16 CEST 2011

2011/10/16 dE . <de.techno at>:
> On 10/16/11 00:32, Mike Massonnet wrote:
>> [plese respect proper posting style]
>> 2011/10/15 dE .<de.techno at>:
>>> Tabbed browsing is a very basic feature of all FM (even PCmanfm supports
>>> it), everyone knows about it and is desired by everyone in a FM, also
>>> integrated find allows capability of the FM to be applied to the search
>>> results which's also incredibility useful, it also reduces task of
>>> re-selecting the location to be searched; this feature is what people
>>> expect
>>> as a minimal, even Win has this feature.
>>> Also it's a better if discussion is focused on the masses rather than
>>> ourselves.
>> You mention one file manger, which other, besides Nautilus, can you
>> mention? And it's a topic that has been raised many times and the
>> answer is clear enough, there won't be Tabs in Thunar.
>> One of my last answers to this was in the forum:
>> On the other hand a filtering option inside a folder is something very
>> interesting to have. You, me or someone else just need to take some
>> spare time to focus on a decent patch that does it right.
> The reason why tabbed browsing is tempting cause you can group tasks better,
> e.g. all places can be opened in one window, so you don't have to search for
> the right location in the taskbar; you know all locations are opened in 1
> window. In case you open 4 locations (not a rare scenario), tabbed browsing
> can reduce it to 2 -- grouping by tasks.
> I use it extensively in KDE (my current DE) and missed it when using XFCE

So was this thread opened to debate about Tabs again?

I don't use them in File managers (yes I do use them extensively in
Web browsers), and you will never receive my vote for this feature.
The number of windows I open is usually two for moving several files.
This is the behavior of a side-panel file manager, not tabs.

I don't see why tabs are important inside a file manager, except
cluttering the UI and the code. The main goal is to provide a simple
and clean program.

Unless you can prove it's an essential design for a file manager, I
don't think core developers will take spare time to implement this.

Why not installing an alternative File manager that comes with this
feature? (Nautilus, Dolphin with the right theme)?

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