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Sat Oct 15 22:06:59 CEST 2011

On 11-10-15 12:02 PM, Mike Massonnet wrote:
> [plese respect proper posting style]
> 2011/10/15 dE .<de.techno at>:
>> Tabbed browsing is a very basic feature of all FM (even PCmanfm supports
>> it), everyone knows about it and is desired by everyone in a FM, also
>> integrated find allows capability of the FM to be applied to the search
>> results which's also incredibility useful, it also reduces task of
>> re-selecting the location to be searched; this feature is what people expect
>> as a minimal, even Win has this feature.
>> Also it's a better if discussion is focused on the masses rather than
>> ourselves.
> You mention one file manger, which other, besides Nautilus, can you
> mention? And it's a topic that has been raised many times and the
> answer is clear enough, there won't be Tabs in Thunar.

Well besides PCMan and Nautilus, there's Dolphin and Konqueror, so 
there's at least 3 really widely used and popular file managers that 
support tabbed FS browsing, not to mention at least a few less popular ones.

I haven't followed Thunar's development closely and I wouldn't often use 
tabs myself, except maybe on my netbook where I'd prefer not to have 
many windows open, but it's clearly[1][2][3][4][5][6] a desirable 
feature to many users.

It doesn't add barely any complexity/clutter to the UI; one File menu 
item/action and one context menu item.  The GtkNotebook tabs would be 
hidden until there's more than one tab, so it wouldn't clutter up the UI 
at all for people who don't use tabs.

> One of my last answers to this was in the forum:

That's not really an answer, you just said "clearly *I believe* those 
are bad designs...".  If it's such a bad design, why does Midori, 
xfce4-terminal, (the new) Mousepad, several other highly-popular 
non-XFCE file-managers, and a pile of other programs use tabs for 
multiple views in the same instance?

Anyway, just my $0.02, it doesn't bother me much either way.

Matthew Brush

[6] I'm sure there's lots more you know about

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