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On 10/14/11 22:53, Omari Stephens wrote:
> On 10/14/2011 04:55 PM, dE . wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Hello devs, great job with the DE. I'd been personally used the DE for a
>> year and now I'm thinking of replacing Gnome with it for deployment.
>> First I'd like to write what I think people think about xfce after Gnome
>> 3 arrived. People don't see Xfce as a light weight DE anymore, they see
>> it as a mainstream DE, a replacement of Gnome 2 which I think has
>> started to deprecate (someday it will); the lightweight section has been
>> replaced with lxde; Even Linus announced, he's quitting Gnome in favor
>> of Xfce.
>> So I suggest the Xfce project should change it's goal towards being a
>> lightweight DE to a mainstream DE -- i.e. more feature rich but it's
>> main objective should be being user friendly and retaining the classic
>> desktop to avoid migration cost and retraining. At this time, this's
>> what people expect from Xfce. Around release of Gnome 3, searches for
>> xfce has been increasing -
> It's been a _long_ time since I was involved in the XFCE project, so 
> far be it for me to speak for the masses.  That said, my own personal 
> opinion is that it's very easy to fall into the large-and-slow trap 
> that GNOME has been slipping toward over the past decade.  I am happy 
> that XFCE continues to work well for me, even without GPU acceleration 
> and with 5-year-old hardware.
The reason why all DEs are becoming heavy cause more powerful hardware 
is available. By low powered hardware I mean Pentium 3 or lower with 
less than 256 MB ram. The minimum of xfce is 192+, a hardware on which 
LXDE works fast but it's too simple -- it's missing very basic features 
and feels very old.
> I commend XFCE for managing to keep things relatively lightweight as 
> they've added functionality.  Mousepad is one of my go-to apps simply 
> because it is so fast and simple.
> My own suggestion would be to ensure that xfce continues to fill this 
> niche — like metacity and chrome have done so well, pick the feature 
> set that you want to implement, and do it.  Don't try to be everything 
> to everyone — if there's a feature not in the planned featureset that 
> someone wants badly enough, they will find another project to 
> implement it.  Don't let small, low-impact features harm the user 
> experience for 50%+ of your users.
> Cheers,
> --xsdg
>> People searching for gnome and xfce together means they're trying to
>> migrate -
>> <>
>> It'll continue to increase but only if xfce does what people expect it
>> to do -- be the mainstream.
>> My main question was -- what about GTK 3 migration? It has to be done
>> someday.
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