GTK+ 3

dE . de.techno at
Fri Oct 14 18:55:11 CEST 2011


Hello devs, great job with the DE. I'd been personally used the DE for a 
year and now I'm thinking of replacing Gnome with it for deployment.

First I'd like to write what I think people think about xfce after Gnome 
3 arrived. People don't see Xfce as a light weight DE anymore, they see 
it as a mainstream DE, a replacement of Gnome 2 which I think has 
started to deprecate (someday it will); the lightweight section has been 
replaced with lxde; Even Linus announced, he's quitting Gnome in favor 
of Xfce.

So I suggest the Xfce project should change it's goal towards being a 
lightweight DE to a mainstream DE -- i.e. more feature rich but it's 
main objective should be  being user friendly and retaining the classic 
desktop to avoid migration cost and retraining. At this time, this's 
what people expect from Xfce. Around release of Gnome 3, searches for 
xfce has been increasing -

People searching for gnome and xfce together means they're trying to 
migrate - 

It'll continue to increase but only if xfce does what people expect it 
to do -- be the mainstream.

My main question was -- what about GTK 3 migration? It has to be done 

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