Question about the WNCK dependency (pager)

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Mon Nov 28 07:33:04 CET 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 7:29 AM, Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at> wrote:
> On lun., 2011-11-28 at 00:12 +0900, Andrzej wrote:
>> Of course, the decision belongs to you guys, and since it looks like
>> there is a disagreement, I'll wait for this discussion to settle before
>> doing any further work.
> Note that I'm not a developer, I'm a packager, so I speak here with my
> Debian hat (which, afaik, Xfce people are happy to hear :), but the
> final call is indeed in core Xfce people hands :)

Only adding a copy of the page to the panel plugin is not a problem. I
don't expect any fixes in the gtk2 branch of libwnck, it was already
hard to get things fixed while it was still the main branch. We indeed
switched to libwnck to drop the netk code, but if there are bugs that
annoy us or we want to improve the code, we don't have much choice.


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