Question about the WNCK dependency (pager)

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Sun Nov 27 08:41:08 CET 2011

I'm trying to solve some problems in the WNCK pager, which surfaced 
during my work on the vertical panel.

There are two limitations, which I reported to libwnck author:
   (incorrect resizing policy in a vertical "deskbar" mode)
   (incorrect workspace ordering in rotated pagers)

It is possible that these patches will be accepted in 2.x tree. However, 
if we wanted to use them we would have to bump the minimum version 
requirement for libwnck.

1) Is that OK for 4.10?


Another problem is that the proposed solution to the second issue is 
rather far reaching. In our case a much smaller patch would do the job 
just as fine.

2) Can we simply ship a modified "pager.c" file from the libwnck with 
our code? We could switch back to the upstream version when we move to 

This would be the easiest, the most stable solution and would give 
enough time for all the heavy lifting in the libwnck to settle.


3) I have a working, albeit very hacky, workaround for the first issue 
in our pager. There is no workaround available for the second one but we 
could potentially live with some inconsistencies for a while (as we did 
so far).


What's your opinion on that? As you can probably guess, I'm in favor of 
the option (2).


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