Xfce 4.10 release situation

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> On 11/18/2011 10:54 PM, Natanael Copa wrote:
> >
> > Oh, Ubuntu will do a LTS in april 2012. I don't think a long time
> > support release with gtk2 is a good idea.
> Natanael, the roadmap (http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap) is
> pretty clear about porting to Gtk3 after 4.10.
> Personally, I'd rather polish the existing (Gtk2) code rather than
> release a version that has been hurriedly ported to Gtk3. LTS is not
> about getting latest and greatest features.
> I'd go for porting only if it was absolutely necessary - that is, if
> hard dependencies were incompatible with Gtk3 (not just unsupported).
> >> So, what do you think?
> >
> > I am in favor for dropping features to get 4.10 out soon.
> I'm all for releasing something good in March and making Gtk3 the main
> (the only?) feature of a 4.12 release.

I'm only a xfce user but I'm totally agree to wait until at least 4.12 (or
5.x) for porting gtk3. I think it's better slowly but surely. Please don't
go too fast as does all those "big" DE :-(
Maybe I say this because 4.8 have all I needed with the best performance
compared to all DE I tested. If people like features or complex things or
eye-candy, there are plenty out there.
So yeah, take your time and make solid things. Reasonable users will wait
patiently ;-)

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