Removal of the location button

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Mon Nov 7 00:39:56 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm considering to drop the button right next to the location entry in
Thunar. Here's a screenshot with this button highlighted in red:

This button is supposed to show all volumes and bookmarks (so, whatever
is visible in the shortcuts side pane as well). Does anyone care deeply
about it or can I remove it without hurting the efficiency of anyone's

Reasons for the removal:

  * It's not that useful. All the items also show up in the side pane.

  * I can't remember having clicked it a single time. 

  * Bookmarked folders (even remote ones) will also show up in the "Go"
    menu in future versions, so together with the side pane we have two
    different ways to browse them even.

  * The button is not part of the location dialog either (the one which
    pops up when you use the breadcrumb bar and press <Ctrl>L), so
    having it in the main window is inconsistent anyway.

  * The shortcuts side pane is being rewritten (see for more
    information) and due to changes in the code, supporting the location
    button requires extra work and additional code.

So, what are your opinions?

  - Jannis

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