please help me implement Unity like features , undecorate window when maximized

Aaron Lewis the.warl0ck.1989 at
Thu Nov 3 12:48:53 CET 2011

On 11:22 Thu 03 Nov     , Mark Trompell wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Aaron Lewis <the.warl0ck.1989 at> wrote:
> > P.S:
> > This global menu plugin developed by me is enabled:
> >
> Isn't that more like developed by me and copied by you, well the
> license pretty much allows this,

Yes , sorry , mine is just a dirty hack

> but I still would prefer you help me fix my plugin if it doesn't work
> for indicator-application yet.

indicator-application works fine so far , i haven't met problems in
xubuntu oneric yet.

> And help improving blacklisting of modules so one could have several
> instances with different indicators in the panel.

I'm thinking about a framework , which allows user to pick modules that
they would like to load in that instance of indicator-plugin.
(someone mentioned this idea months ago in this mailing list)

Also when i load that appmenu plugin , indicator-session was gone ,
disappeared , and i don't know why ?

Thanks !

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