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> My two cents from the point of view of an Xfce user. I appreciate the
> approach being taken for 4.10 which is to focus on fixing bugs etc
> rather than introducing radical new features and functions.

I am planning on doing that first, after the GTK porting.  I refuse to write
code that's going to be thrown away later, I don't have that much free time
to waste, unfortunately.  Do it right and do it once, or don't it at all.

I've already fixed a couple bugs, I have some more lined up I already know
about that are irritating me, and the other "features" I want to tackle are
what I would consider bugs.  Like the utterly useless XRandR configuration
panel which I desperately need for my part-time multi-monitor desktop.  :)

> Regarding potentially removing potentially unwanted code, should these
> first be raised in the Xfce bug tracker for discussion?
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