introduction, gtk 2.22 porting, code (I don't use the majority of the extra panel plugins that live in their own , for instance, so I'm not going to port those myself)submission preferences

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Mar 10 22:55:04 CET 2011

[Waaay too much text...]

Personally I'm not going to accept gseal patches in master for 'my'
components, even if they apply against 2.22. The reason is very
simple: it makes back porting fixes in the 4.8 (gtk 2.14) stable
branches much harder. Unless code get simpler/better or it requires
new gtk/glib functions.
You can read our statement about that here:

I've no idea if there is much deprecated gtk/gdk parts usage in the
core components. Those are fine to remove (if it makes a difference).

Renaming components is not a real option and completely useless. In
fact it might work against you when at some point we release xfce 5.0,
in that case 4.x and 5.x can work alongside nicely.

Preferably patches in bugzilla for now, but if you think that's too
much work, github is fine too (but gives no room for patch discussion
and history).

Some things in the code are there for history purposes, like the dots separator.


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