Clean up default theme and wallpaper collection

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Jun 23 12:44:34 CEST 2011


Beauty is the eye of the beholder.

I won't pretend to teach others what's good looking, nor how a 2011 or
2012 look may be like.

Let's not confuse "trendy" and "beauty",  Not everyone is a fan of the
murine engine (or any other theme for that matter), that's why you can
change the theme, engine, colors, etc.

I reckon Xfce is to remain lightweight, themes and engines can add
overhead as well, so xfce should ship a simple and fast theme, then
users and distro packagers can (and will) choose to make whatever they
want, but the core Xfce do not necessarily share the same goals.

Don't make Xfce a Xubuntu clone, Xfce is not Xubuntu (nor Debian, nor
Fedora, the list goes on). Xfce is distribution neutral, it should
remain like that.

Does not mean that things should remain static forever, but what we
ship as default has to remain simple and should not drag too many
unnecessary dependencies (yes, I do consider an external theme engine
as an unnecessary dependency).

If you want to help with defaults, please make your theme with the
xfce engine or the default gtk engine, for the window manager, make
sure the colors are taken from gtk as well so that if someone choose
another gtk theme the colors remain coherent.


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