Blocking bugs for Xfce-oriented distros

Anders F Björklund afb at
Thu Jan 27 21:07:58 CET 2011

Nick Schermer wrote:

> Packagers,
> A number of large distributions that use Xfce as their main desktop
> have 4.8 packed in their testing/beta images and live cd's; zenwalk,
> xubuntu and xfce fedora spin to name a few. Now since all packagers
> read this list I'd like to know what *blocking* bugs they have.

I'm thinking I will leave Xfce at 4.6 in MacPorts, unless any
users step up that is actually using it now that Darwin died.
It's at Xfce 4.2 in Fink, so it's not _that_ bad off... :-)
The main user was PureDarwin, which didn't release in 2010.


PS. Too many missing dependencies, is the main reason.
    i.e. someone would need to port the various Kits ?

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