Non-removable vs removable?

Marek Kozlowski kozlowsm at
Mon Jan 17 21:32:47 CET 2011


A new thing under 4.8. Is it a bug (for bugzilla) or a feature:

Under 4.6 I was able to have icons on my desktop for my _removable_
drives (pendrive, USB disk etc) but no icons for partitions on
non-removable ones.
Under 4.8 I can have icons for all partitions on all drives or none.
Unfortunately I have 4 disks, approx. 8 partitions each... I'd like to
have only icons for really _removable_ drives. I'm not sending it to
bugzilla, because I'm not sure if it is a bug. Maybe it's due to
udev/polkit change?

best regards,

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