[PATCH][Terminal][0/2] Add some enhancement to Terminal

Goffredo Baroncelli kreijack at libero.it
Sun Jan 9 13:51:33 CET 2011

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Hi all, and happy new year.

I hope that this is the right place to send these patches because I was
not able to find a mailing list dedicated to "Terminal".

Recently I went away from KDE, because it is/was too bloated. So I
looked to a new desktop and now I am trying Xfce.

I used a lot the console, so I am very sensible to this kind of
software, and (IMHO) the KDE console (called Konsole) is very nice program.

This lead me to add some enhancement to Terminal in order to fill the gap.

I worked on three points:

1) Cyclic background color.
Instead to have a fixed background color, every time a new console is
opened it background color is changed. The background color lists is a
prefixed list of some light colors:

static char * cycle_background_colors[] = {
        "#fdc3c3",  /* h=0.00, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#fddac3",  /* h=0.07, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#fdf1c3",  /* h=0.13, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#f1fdc3",  /* h=0.20, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#dafdc3",  /* h=0.27, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3fdc3",  /* h=0.33, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3fdda",  /* h=0.40, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3fdf1",  /* h=0.47, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3f1fd",  /* h=0.53, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3dafd",  /* h=0.60, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#c3c3fd",  /* h=0.67, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#dac3fd",  /* h=0.73, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#f1c3fd",  /* h=0.80, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#fdc3f1",  /* h=0.87, s=0.23, v=0.99 */
        "#fdc3da"   /* h=0.93, s=0.23, v=0.99 */

I fixed the 's','v' values and increase the 'h' value in order to have
15 light colors.

In the preferences dialog in the "Color" section there is a new
check-box called "Cycle background color". If enabled the new behavior
is established. The foreground color is fixed to black.

If the check-box is not enabled, Terminal behaves as usual.

2.a) Cursor shape, and cursor blink.
These options existed already. I added a listbox and a checkbox to
enable the different cursor shape (box, I-beam, underline) and the
blinking. These option are placed under the "Appearance" section.

2.b) Mouse pointer auto hide
This option existed already. I added another check box in the
"Appearance" section which enable the auto-hide mouse pointer behavior.

The biggest part of these patches are related to the Terminal.glade file.
The patches are unrelated.

commit 5d0585559ff2c8954abd8c22406a72ac830a8b8d
Author: Goffredo Baroncelli <kreijack at inwind.it>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 20:54:04 2011 +0100

    Add "hide mouse" and "cursor blink/shape" preference options.

    Add the following options in the preferences dialog:
    - auto hide mouse pointer
    - cursor blink on or off
    - set cursor shape (block, ibeam, underline).

 Terminal.glade                         |  148 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 terminal/terminal-preferences-dialog.c |    2 +
 2 files changed, 150 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

commit bbd002d6d4dd7136ee5fe6c148197232c44b5def
Author: Goffredo Baroncelli <kreijack at inwind.it>
Date:   Sat Jan 8 20:28:30 2011 +0100

    Add support for cyclic background color.

    Added in the preference panel a check-box which changes for every
new terminal
    instance the background color from a list of prefixed "light colors".

 Terminal.glade                         |  326 +++++++++++++-----------
 terminal/terminal-preferences-dialog.c |   32 +++
 terminal/terminal-preferences.c        |   16 ++-
 terminal/terminal-screen.c             |   42 ++++-
 4 files changed, 260 insertions(+), 156 deletions(-)

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