reduce icons in icon chooser dialog

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Sun Feb 27 20:27:55 CET 2011


I've just pushed a branch to exo that excludes the 'symlink' icons in
a theme from the icon view. On the common themes (Gnome,Tango) this
reduces the number of icons with ~50% (ie. 50% of the icons are
symlinks to real files) and you only see each image once. The symlink
names are stored internally, so when you open the chooser for a
desktop files with "xfce4-settings" as icon name,
"preferences-desktop" is selected.

Downside of this is that "preferences-desktop" is returned when you
click ok and xfce4-settings is lost (I could fix that behaviour, but
you get the point; spec names are set in those cases).

Upside, less icons to scroll, and probably (no proof here) much
faster; because even though the code pokes the files to check if they
are symlinks, nothing is worse for performance then rendering images.

If you want to try it, compile the nick/icon-model-without-dups
branch. It will also print you a line what was merged.

So, any opinions if this is a good idea?


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