Skeleton Panel Plugin

David Schneider dnschneid at
Tue Dec 27 14:24:39 CET 2011

> Hey David,
> I'm not quite sure what you wish to do. Something like AllTray does?
> -H-
Not quite. The idea would be to embed the entire window directly into the
panel, so that you could essentially turn windows like xclock and IM buddy
lists into very large panel plugins, like this:
That's actually Pidgin embedded into the panel, but I do it with a hack
script using xdotool and the height is fixed (the other two plugins are
genmon). With a panel plugin, I assume the window would be able to resize to
the available height. With my normal setup, that panel actually isn't that
huge relative to the entire desktop (it's on the far right of three monitors),
and when I undock my laptop, I set it to auto-hide, and so I have an
auto-hiding buddy list.
I'm not sure how useful most people will find such a plugin, but it seems like
a good tool for the creative, alongside genmon and generic slider.

> Have a look at the sample plugin:
> That might help you get started.
>   - Jannis
That looks perfect!  Thanks!


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