Benjamin Pabst opensource at
Sun Dec 18 18:58:10 CET 2011


I have tested all the major linux desktops in the past weeks (KDE,
Gnome, XFCE), and noticed that there is a problem when using
applications that are not developed for the currently used desktop.
When I e. g. use "Kopete" with XFCE the notifications don't get
displayed in the XFCE way, instead it only pops up a small messagebox
with the notification box.

So I want to ask if there is any interested in implementing a global
notification server that handles application notifications in a common
way (independent of the used desktop). This would still enable the
desktop to show notifications in its natural way, but would rather
eliminate the inconsistent display of application notifications that are
not developed for the current desktop.

Implementation could be thought of a client / server model which
handles applications and desktops as clients, where applications "post"
notifications and desktops "pull" (better is to use an event) the
availible notifications and display them in their natural way.


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