gtk-xfce-engine meets Gtk 3

Peter de Ridder peter at
Mon Dec 12 21:26:40 CET 2011

The second step of porting the gtk-xfce-engine to Gtk 3 has been reached.
All the current themes have there Gtk 3 version. These might not be
100% correct and could use some clean up. But the goal was to get a
Gtk 3 version for all of them as a base to start from.
For those who are wondering. The first step was porting the engine code.

I would like to invite people who are interested to test the Gtk 3
engine and themes. For now they are available in the peter/gtk3 branch
in git. A development release will follow shortly.

Now I have some questions concerning development and maintenance and I
was hope some of you could answerer them.

History tells us we have a new Xfce theme every release. Although the
last one was only a change in the window decoration color. I'm not a
themer and I won't try to be one. Maybe a new theme could be based on
the new design. On the Design SIG[1] I read about cleaning up
the themes and maybe including some of the shimmer project. I'm not
the fit person for that job.

The stable version of the gtk-xfce-engine will be 3.0.0. Although the
Gtk 2 part didn't change that much (it was ported to cairo after 4.8)
adding Gtk 3 is a major change. How should I number the development
releases? I would like to follow the xfce way of version numbering.
So, should I keep them 2.9.x until the stable release?

I would like to write some info on porting a xfce engine based them to
Gtk 3 and theming using the gtk-xfce-engine in general. I don't have a
good overview of the wiki, what would be a good location to put that
information? A gtk-xfce-engine project page, or in the howtos?

For the further development of the Gtk 3 themes I would like to have a
place for testers to comment on them. Bugzilla looks like a sane
place. Maybe a 'theme' component could be added the gtk-xfce-engine
As an alternative someone suggested creating a wiki page voor every
theme we currently have, so users can get an overview and comment on
them. (sorry for not remembering the name)



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