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Robert V. Bolton robert at robertvbolton.com
Fri Oct 22 23:11:14 CEST 2010


My name is Robert V. Bolton and I'm interested in helping with the
documentation for Xfce. What is the current status of the Xfce
documentation project?  Just going back trough the Xfce-dev Archives it
looks like the last discussion of this topic occurred in March of this
year.  Has a new email list been created just for documentation or is
Xfce-dev the best list to discuss documentation?

I'm more than willing to help with this project, and I'm able to devote
about three to four hours a week to helping out. Just let me know what
needs to be done.

Just a little background about myself:

I've been a systems administrator for about six years. Currently I work
for the Center for High Performance Computing at the University of Utah
working with both Linux and Macintosh systems. I live in Utah and my
time zone is Mountain Standard. My nick on IRC is Bubba_Washington. I'll
start hanging out in #xfce more often if you want to chat with me and
get to know me better.

My GPG key information:


pub   4096R/E27BC2BD 2010-06-27
      Key fingerprint = 5314 3D08 59CE 8C79 A167  6648 20BA F73B E27B C2BD
uid                  Robert V. Bolton <robert at robertvbolton.com>
sub   4096R/11668072 2010-06-27 

Thanks for letting me introduce myself and I can't wait to get to know
the rest of you better.

*Robert V. Bolton*
/Geek,Technology Enthusiast,Linux Systems Administrator,Python
Coder,Public Speaker,Amateur Radio Operator,and Overall Great Guy/
GPG key: E27BC2BD

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