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Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Sat Nov 27 18:15:06 CET 2010


2010/11/22 Nick Schermer <nickschermer at>:
> FYI,
> Mike and I started to work on redesigning the website a bit. It will
> have a header on the top of the page, which allows you to navigate
> between the xfce subdomains (www, wiki, forum, bugs, translations, git
> and docs [to be created]) and probably also some other css updates.
> The header will also be added to the various subdomains.

I played with the Wiki template and since it's still unsure what
dominant colors we will use I borrowed the ones from

A preview can be seen here:

You will see it contains a header that is different from what is
currently inside the gettext branch of, it's just a first
draft made by myself a week ago I copy/pasted back in there to keep
the idea on.

Below are the styles used in the template.

=== general ===
backgroundy-color:  #fff
text-color:         #505050
font-family:        Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
line-height:        1.7em;
border-color:       #E0E0E0

== links in-header/sidebar ===
description: around the content like headers, titles, sidebars
color:              #505050
color-hover:        #0C6AD4

=== links in-content ===
description: links inside news / article
color:              #0C6AD4
color-hover:        #f00

=== links meta ===
description: login/subscription links
color:              #252525
color-hover:        #0C6AD4

=== pre ===
overflow:           auto

PS: I'm CCing "ochosi" since you may have interesting comments to leave :p

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