Xfce, GTK+ 3.0 and GSettings

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 13:16:07 CET 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Denis Washington <denisw at online.de> wrote:
> Am 18.11.2010 12:26, schrieb Jannis Pohlmann:
>> I don't have the GTK+ 3.0 release schedule at hand right now but I'm
>> not thinking about porting Xfce yet. (That's just my opinion however.)

I agree here. If we port the core (for plugins and stuff isn't not too
hard) it will be a lot of work. All allocation and size requests
functions need to be ported (if you want to do it properly), lot of
rendering stuff changed, so don't underestimate this.

Better wait 1 release with the gtk3 port, let the gtk folks iron out
the issues first.

>>> * Related to the first question: have you thought about moving from
>>> xfconf to GSettings? I know that xfconf was just introduced in Xfce
>>> 4.6, but wouldn't it lower the maintainence burden to use a settings
>>> system directly built into glib instead of having to develop a
>>> seperate one? I think this also wouldn't introduce any heavy GNOME
>>> dependencies, as dconf, the default GSettings backend, only depends
>>> on glib. Using GSettings might also reduce resource usage when using
>>> GNOME applications in Xfce because there wouldn't be two daemons
>>> running (xfconfd and dconfd) but just one. Again, I would love to
>>> help here!
>> Yes, using GSettings would make sense. Xfconf is great though, so I
>> don't see us in a hurry here.
> A good idea might be to write a Xfconf backend for GSettings (which is
> backend-agnostic). Then applications could be gradually ported, and Xfconf
> then replaced with dconf if all components have moved.

Porting from xfconf to gsettings is not a lot of work, better do it
all at once, but again here, the issue will be settings migration.
Even though porting is easy, I'd say we don't do this in 4.10; for
users it doesn't matter what settings backend is used, but setting
migration are irritating them (it never goes as planned)), so don't do
that every 2 major releases; xfconf serves us well, lets benefit from
it for a while.

We did a lot of porting (GIO) and rewriting (panel, garcon, 4ui) this
release, I'd say we focus on polishing the last pieces. There is also
enough to cleanup after 4.8: drop xfce-utils, merge xfrun4 into
appfinder, better volume handing in thunar, xfdesktop needs some love,
mouse settings, you name it.

This is something more beneficial to the users, instead of jumping in
another hole, we just got out of GIO. Gtk3 may sound l33t to users,
but in the end they don't care, because gtk2 and gtk3 are identical
for what you do with a computer.


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