Setting up development machine for XFCE

Navaneeth.K.N navaneethkn at
Fri Nov 12 18:33:38 CET 2010


Thanks Nick, that helped and I compiled "libxfce4util" successfully.
But for some reason the version is showing incorrectly. After
compiling, (./ --prefix=/usr/local && make && make install),
I can see "". I guess this is wrong for the git
version because the "" reads

m4_define([libxfce4util_version_major], [4])
m4_define([libxfce4util_version_minor], [7])
m4_define([libxfce4util_version_micro], [3])
m4_define([libxfce4util_version_nano], [])   dnl leave this empty to
have no nano version
m4_define([libxfce4util_version_build], [11fddc9])
m4_define([libxfce4util_version_tag], [git])

Because of this, all other components failed to compile as they need a
newer version of "libxfce4util". I am using a Fedora 11 distribution
running XFCE 4.6.1.

Any help would be appreciated.


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