Websites (was General color scheme for websites)

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Tue Nov 9 09:13:30 CET 2010

New topic else the color discussion will be lost.

I think we should drop the non-english version of the website until we
have a proper way to translate the pages (ie. through transifex,
php+gettext maybe). It's kind of a mess at the moment and hard to keep
track of for the translators.
I've no idea how to handle this on the mirrors, but I doubt
we need the mirrors for the website if the tarballs are in a separate
domain (distributed between the mirrors) and host on the
Sun machine Jean-François has and retire mocha from hosting http.

After 4.8 we should also remove the documentation from and
start a new domain, where we automatically publish docs
from the xfce4-docs repository (and references from the other
modules)*. That is extremely easy.

So then it will basically look like this:
- {www,forum,docs,wiki,goodies,thunar,???} -> sun machine
(php/http only).
- -> sun machine? and on the mirrors, not mocha, all
syncing from mocha (easier for release manager)
- -> mocha
- bugzilla and translations from greentea virtual machines.
- kopiluwak for buildbots

So not only the color schemes need some though and standardization,
also we website/domain setup needs a bit of work IMHO. The websites
can be hosted from 1 machine easily if we do't use it for anything
else then http and the tarballs are spread, with the advantage of
better website translation handing, because generating translated html
from transifex is going to be a pain in the ***.


* I want to add a helper function to exo to replace xfhelp4 (the
language lookup in that file) to do that in C and alternatively
fallback to the online documentation, like terminal and xfce4-panel do
now. A single domain will help here a lot.

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