Question about relicensing of exo code

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at
Fri Nov 5 15:39:13 CET 2010

On ven., 2010-11-05 at 15:36 +0100, Xavier D. wrote:
> I'm packaging thunar-vfs for Archlinux so yes I would like to know which 
> one I should use in my package.

The tarball license.

> I'll put LGPLv2 + GPLv2 if you don't see any objections ?

That's not my call. Note that thunar-vfs is *not* dual licensed. It's
LGPLv2 before exo-hal inclusion, and would be GPLv2 if some GPLv2 code
was integrated. Now aiui Benny thought exo-hal was LGPLv2 so it might be
interpreted as his acknowledgement to relicense it to LGPLv2, but I'm
not a lawyer.

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