UI changes in xfce4-settings-editor?

Jérôme Guelfucci jeromeg at xfce.org
Fri Jan 8 23:40:07 CET 2010

Stephan Arts wrote:
> 2010/1/8 Jérôme Guelfucci <jeromeg at xfce.org>
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on adding two missing features to xfce4-settings-editor: adding channels and removing/resettings channels. Obviously this requires some changes in the UI.
>> I see two options. First only have one add button and one remove/revert button and make it act on the selected treeview (if the property treeview is focused, it creates a new property, if the channel trreview is selected it creates a new channel). The buttons would then be displayed as a toolbar on top of the two treeviews. However, having the same button for two different actions might be a bit weird and not easy to understand.
>> This leads two the second option, adding two other buttons. But where would we add them? Moreover, it would be bad if they looked exactly like the buttons for the property stuff, so we need to find some way to make them different but still understandable.
>> I'm open to all suggestions, I'm not sure I was really clear so don't hesitate if you have questions. My branch for xfce4-settings-editor is available on git and is called jeromeg/xfce4-settings-editor, feedback is welcome.
> Screenshots? ;-)
> -
> Stephan
> ____________________________________________

Glade just started to crash when opening ui files with a xfce heading so 
I can't really show "real" mockups. I was able to create a rough one for 
option 1 using Gimp: 

Using Gimp to draw something for option 2 is not easy, at leat I was not 
able to do something which looked good. I tried to add the extra buttons 
as in the first mockup, on the same "bar" as the other ones, but it does 
not look good at all.



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