Editor for xfce4

Alexander Kuleshov kuleshovmail at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 16:11:38 CET 2010

Hi to all.

Once the mailing list recently had a conversation about the
development of the editor XFCE4 -  mousepad and during the
conversation, we realized that the main purpose of the project
mousepad is the ease and simplicity. But often there are cases when
you need the editor to other more advanced features. Of course in the
world, there is a wide choice of various text editors for code and I
decided to race mousepad aims at easy and simple why not create
another editor for XFCE which is targeted at richer features than the
mousepad. Certainly mousepad convenient, but for me and i think that
many people who use XFCE  lacks some features such as tabs may be
highlighted code and more.

I began to develop such an editor for XFCE which would be easy and
simple but at the same time, and powerful. At the moment I released
the version of the editor entitled Incedit 0.1.0
 Incedit written with python / pygtk currently no extra libraries are
not used. The editor has obviously can not very much, the most basic
functions, but in the future I'll develop it more and more. I'm
writing then that would be to find like-minded people and maybe
someone else useful to my development. I also want to make xfce better
and more convenient.

Project need developers and artworks.

Web    - http://github.com/onlyshk/Incedit

I hope you enjoy Incedit.

Thank you.

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