About our broken menu situation

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 11:57:49 CET 2010

Devs (for what's left of it ;-),

This is still a pending topic and if we're going to ship 4.8 with
(again) no way to edit the menus we suck.

So this morning I added the needed support to exo-desktop-item-editor
to edit .directory files and some other fixes. In this state it works
the same as gnome-desktop-item-editor, which means it should be easy
to add runtime detection to alacarte for both editors (sed -e
's,gnome-desktop-item-edit,exo-desktop-item-edit,g' -i
Alacarte/MainWindow.py works).

Next point is garcon. Right now it does not pick up the menu changes
(the modified menu in the ~/.config directory is not parsed the way it
should, or something like that). So we need to look at that. Also the
menu monitoring is still broken, but iirc Jannis was going to fix that
with the vtable thingy.

Last but not least is dropping is dropping libxfce4menu in xfdesktop.
I still have the plan to move the xfdesktop menu plugin to the panel,
so once i have that working I might copy roughly the same code to
xfdesktop. No idea if someone is already working on that for

After that the most important things works again or do I forget something?


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